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Mutual/representative 플링크코리아(주)/이은석 Operators nine minutes Corporate Business
Business Number 110 mail order selling registration number
Contact 02-1234-5678 Email
Business Location - 서울 강남구 테헤란로 116 (역삼동, 동경빌딩) 일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십일이삼사오육칠팔구십

Exchange / Return Guidance

Exchange / Return Guidance
Delivery service company 우체국택배
shipping fee 0
Where to send 135-934 서울 강남구 역삼동 824-19 10층 플링크코리아(주)


  • * Based on legal contracts signed by minors on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce it can be canceled if the applicant or the legal representative does not agree with the legal representative.
  • * The contents of the sold goods and products, as they are registered in RELAKET product providers registered in the port business ㈜ Korea is not responsible for the items listed and their history.